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Alice in Improvland (Tallinn, Estonia)

  • St Catherine's Church, Tallinn 14a Vene Kesklinna, Harju maakond, 10140 Estonia (map)

Alice in Improvland is a damn serious show - that is, until Alice falls into a rabbit hole, then all bets are off! In this improvised spinoff of Lewis Carroll’s beloved children’s tale, we dive into the fantastical world of the most wonders of wonders, filled with the Queens of Hearts (maybe, we don’t know), the Mad Hatter (maybe), a smoking caterpillar (maybe) and grinning cats (yes please!). All the while dealing with the real consequences of Alice’s half day as a missing person. Where does reality end and fantasy begin? Audience gets to decide who Alice is and what kind of hole she falls into (be polite now).