Improv comedy with special guest Ella Galt (Australia)
8:00 PM20:00

Improv comedy with special guest Ella Galt (Australia)


A special improv comedy show with Australian guest Ella Galt!

Ella is a professional actress and improviser now living in Barcelona. She is a mainstage cast of the highly-acclaimed professional theatre Barcelona Improv Group, and one half of the improv duo Origami Swan. Ella has been touring Europe, performing in Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and many others.

On this evening she will perform a show with Impro Neuf's kickass all-female troupe After Eight Tits, and then a duo with Aree Witoelar, founder and artistic director of Impro Neuf International.

We are excited to have Ella in Oslo! Her improvisation style centres around bold, emotional, committed play and uses the full extent of her theatrical background, implicating the body and voice to create scenes and shows that are dynamic and filled with joyful imagination and play.
Sign up for her workshops "What Comes Next" and "The Gift of Presence":



Room: Lillesalen, Chateau Neuf 2nd floor
Doors open 19:30
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: 50 NOK (online) / 70 NOK (full price)
Free for participants of Ella's workshops.



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Photo credit: Gdański Festiwal Impro "Podaj Wiosło".

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Impro Neuf International presents Cloud Atlas
7:00 PM19:00

Impro Neuf International presents Cloud Atlas

IMPRO NEUF INTERNATIONAL presents CLOUD ATLAS, our brand-new improv theatre centerpiece in 2019 and most ambitious show ever. Inspired by David Mitchell's critically acclaimed novel, we tell an epic tale of humanity in six separate storylines and six time era in a 90-minute improvised play based on audience suggestions.

"The clouds being like souls and the breadth of humanity, all of the souls that are constantly shifting and changing through time. Clouds shift their color and size and shape and come back."

Directed by Aree Witoelar.

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